Greensboro SEO Pro 2015 – Ranking Across NC for “SEO Expert” & “Digital Marketing Consultant”

This is where Greensboro SEO Pro started.  I targeted a few keywords and went after them.  I pieced together a formula from multiple sources—writing clients, $1,000 mastermind groups, and more.  At this point, I wasn’t sure which ones would actually work.  So I just did everything.  Great decision.

Project Objectives

First, I wanted to learn about local SEO first hand.  Second, I wanted to expand my lead flow beyond freelance writing.  Local SEO was the obvious next step.  Besides, I had already figured out how to write content that rose to page one of Google on a national level.

Rank First in Google for "SEO Expert" in Greensboro

“Greensboro SEO” was the long term goal.  But adding “expert” made it a bit easier.  

Rank Across Top Cities in NC for "SEO Expert"

I wanted a piece of the bigger ponds like Charlotte and Raleigh.  Then, smaller cities are easy.

Qualify SEO Leads and Convert to SEO Clients

Learn by experience how to serve clients in a new arena.  Try to make sales in the process.  

Project Aspects

Search phrases like “SEO expert,” “SEO consultant,” and “digital marketing agency” were the goal.  Getting to the first page of Google for them should be difficult.  I could see several competitors going for the same positions.  That’s part of why I felt I had to go all in.

Create Modern Website, Built for SEO and Conversions

As the new kid on the block, I had to come out strong.  So I modeled the site of one of my mentors.

Create Strong Off Page Footprint to Build Authority

I had to promote my business to get the attention of both potential clients and Google.

Sprinkle A Little Ninja SEO to Get to #1 for Our Keywords

This is where copywriting experience and those expensive masterminds paid off.

Project Timeline

Website Launched

June 2015

At this point, I had been writing online for over a year.

60-70% of that writing was for local SEO.  I took what I learned there and added it to various info from paid courses.  I also had a personal website.

I put it altogether and launched the first version of

1st Campaign Completed

June 2015 – August 2015

Once the basic site design was done, it was on to off-page and content.

I created a few blog posts.  I built out my local citations and did a little social SEO.  Finally, I used a ninja technique or two.

I owned local search in under two months and set my sights on the rest of the state.

Straight to the Top

September 2015 – December 2015

Over the few months, I steadily rose to the first page across NC’s top 10 cities.

I instantly received a flood of leads.  I realized I had to learn about sales, building my team, and becoming a real business owner.

Given other priorities, our own compaign plans fell by the wayside.

Three Years of Coasting

January 2016 – November 2018

For the next three years, I haven’t had to do much to maintain my spot.

As far as Greensboro goes, we’re entrenched across the top spots.  Rankings have fallen some in Charlotte and Raleigh but that’s largely a product of our ugly site.

No complaints for a plateauing at the top, especially with so little required.

New Redesign

November 2018 – December 2018

The sleeping giant awakens in 2019.

We relaunched our site in late 2018.  It needed a mobile upgrade.  And we wanted to create a 2019 case study.  I also wanted to highlight my team and write a manifesto.

From here, we begin a steady climb toward more ambitious goals: national SEO rankings.

Project Status

As far as search engines go:

I have dominated the Greensboro SEO landscape as a one man show for the last three years.

Yet, I’ve left plenty of local SEO revenue on the table.

I could have closed more SEO clients if:

  1. Local SEO was my main gig.
  2. I had more B2B sales skills.
  3. I had an integrated team.

I’m still not sure whether local SEO clients will be the number one focus moving forward.  But it has definitely moved up the priority list.  My own skills are top-notch and my team is solid.

That’s why a renewed campaign makes sense.

Years #1 on Google for "Greensboro SEO Expert"

Organic Visitors

Total Revenue From Local SEO Clients

Years #1 on Google for "Greensboro SEO"

Form Submissions

Times I Chose Writing Over Local SEO or Missed a Sale

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