If you couldn’t guess from the title:

Greensboro SEO Pro is on a mission to prove we offer the best SEO in North Carolina.

How are we going to go about proving it?

Ranking #1 for “[city] seo expert” in all ten of North Carolina’s top ten cities by population as well as for the state.

Our goal completion date will be set for April 1st, 2016.  That means we only have 6 months to take over North Carolina SEO.

Think we can do it?

We do, here’s why:

Number 1 SEO in Greensboro in 2 Months

Yeah, you read right.

The Home, About, and Contact pages for this website were published 7/8/2015.  The Discovery Page was published the next day.

The original pages were basic (and extremely ugly), but the search engines found them all a few days later.

Fast forward to September 9th:

The website has been improved a great deal (though it still has quite a long way to go).  But more importantly, the Homepage finally catches up to Greensboro SEO Pro’s first YouTube video—which had been holding the first spot for “greensboro seo expert” since the middle of August.

They’ve been 1 and 2 ever since.

(Proof) Google Search: greensboro seo expert


On top of that, Greensboro SEO Pro holds first page spots on many SEO and digital marketing industry keywords in Greensboro.  These will continue to push upwards over time as well.

We’re confident our top rankings will not only stay put, but grow over time to blanket all Greensboro SEO searches with number 1 rankings.

Though it was rather surprising how little resistance we encountered on the way there…

Is Local Really This Easy?

Don’t get me wrong, we set an extremely strong SEO foundation for GreensboroSEOPro.com.

Sometimes, you just have to TAKE the belt.

Sometimes, you just have to TAKE the belt.

Funny thing is, that ‘foundation’ was enough to start getting first page rankings.

I—Zach Bradshaw, the owner and driving force behind Greensboro SEO Pro—came into local client SEO from affiliate marketing.  Which, in this case, simply means the process of selling other people’s products online through your own websites.

Many of the national (and international) search terms I am used to going after take a ton of man-hours and a sizable budget to rank for.

And just like local SEO, only the first page delivers ROI.

Needless to say, I knew local seo would be easier than affiliate seo.

But this easy?

As of this post on October 1st, pages on this website are still partially broken and we were able to “cherry pick” our industries best keywords in under 2 months in a city of nearly 300k.

Naturally, taking over the rest of the state sounds like a great idea.

But will it be this easy?

A Taller Task

taller-taskOne thing that undoubtedly helped us dominate Greensboro SEO so quickly is the website name:


Greensboro and SEO are in the URL.  This sends obvious signals to Google.

To be completely honest, this gave us something like an unfair advantage over many of our competitors.

But the age of many of their sites and years of backlinks should have been enough to put up a respectable fight.

Clearly, there’s never really been a true SEO expert that has gone after the Gate City.  Or maybe they all had a non-aggression pact and were happy with the status quo.

Greensboro SEO Pro changed all that.

Other digital marketing outfits in the Triad are going to have a tough time prying the top spots away from Greensboro SEO Pro now that we have them in our grasp.

Soon, we’ll have more than just a YouTube video and homepage ranking on the first page.

For now though, we’re after bigger fish.

Charlotte and Raleigh sound extremely appetizing.

And since we’re gluttons…

We’ll be going after Cary, Durham, Fayetteville, Greenville, High Point, Wilmington, and Winston-Salem too.

Then we’ll also be looking to rank for terms like Best SEO in North Carolina too.

Yeah, taking on all of the best SEO agencies, consultants, and experts across the state.

The six month time frame might be ambitious, but we’ll see.

Interested in Following?

Maybe you’re a business owner.

Maybe you like success stories.

Maybe you’re a competitor hoping we fall flat on our faces.

Whichever reason you pick, if you want to follow along with our progress on these keywords, it’s easy.

We’ll soon decide on monthly or bi-monthly update posts and they’ll be broadcast through all of the Greensboro SEO Pro Social Media Channels so that you know whenever a new one has been published.

**Update 10/6/15**

As you can see, we’re off to quite a fine start :)

**Update 12/1/2015**

Case Study 1 – Best SEO in NC: 2-Month Update

Want to wish us luck (good or bad)? Feel free to comment below!



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