Greensboro SEO Pro 2019 – Setting Our Sights on National SEO Rankings & Re-Establishing Local Dominance

This will be the next big step for Greensboro SEO Pro.  More accurately, this will be the next several big steps for GSP.  We’ve ranked clients on a national level.  It’s time we do the same for ourselves.  We’re also going to take local search rankings back that we’ve lost since 2016.

Project Objectives

It’s time to take over.  SEO has gotten more competitive but we’ve gotten much better.  A few digital marketing giants have emerged around us since we first took North Carolina SEO by storm.  We embrace challenges.  Yet, we also embrace collaboration.

Double 2018 Organic Search Traffic for Greensboro SEO Pro

SEO is a long term strategy.  It’s power compounds over time.  Still, we compress timelines.

Make It to Google's First Page for Keywords Around Local SEO

We’re going to start competing for national keywords.  We see lots of “low hanging fruit.”

Tighten Grip On Greensboro & North Carolina Search Traffic

Our local rankings began to fall once we started coasting.  It’s time to reverse that trend.

Project Aspects

To this point, content on has been fairly shallow.  We’ve never run campaigns for ourselves that compare to what we do for our clients.  Now that changes.  Our site will grow and so will our brand promotions across other important digital mediums.

Update Website , Build Out Branding, & Optimize for Conversions

A lot has changed online since GSP first launched.  It’s time to get back on the cutting edge.

Expand Webpage, Blog, Video, & Other Media Content

We’re going to 3-5x the size of our site in 2019.  We’ll also expand across creative mediums.

Expand Digital Footprint Across Most Important Platforms

Self promotion is a must for top tier SEO.  You might say we’re breaking out of our shell.

Project Timeline

Basic Local SEO Campaign

June 2015 – November 2018

We  dominated our local market in less than six months.

After our initial campaign, we coasted.  Our organic traffic held strong.   This provided plenty of leads for SEO projects of all kinds.  That’s what we call success.

However, we undoubtedly missed opportunities to build on this foundation.

Website Relaunch

November 2018

It had been wearing on us for awhile—the outdated look of our site.

We would never subject one of our clients to such a horrible website.  And yet, it took over three years to make the time to bring things up to snuff.  But the timing was right.

Our team‘s capabilities reached a critical mass in 2018.

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Digital Footprint Refresh

December 2018

Until now, our digital footprint has been as neglected as our website.

We earned links from a few spotlights and expert round ups over time.  There has been virtually no branding or promotion since the end of 2015.

Now it’s time to lubricate off-page channels and gear up for full-scale campaigns.

First National Keyword Targets

January 2019

It’s early, but we’re on track to crush 2018’s organic traffic marks.

A nice gap up since last month.

Plus, 25% more users than in January 2018.  The other metrics aren’t to be ignored either.  The user behavior improvements over last year are strong.

So far, users bounce 30% less, visit 50% more pages, and spend almost twice as long on our site in 2019.

To top it off, we’ve jumped head first into the local citations conversation.

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Project Status

This case study is just getting started.

Sure, we’re refreshing a brand that is already performing well.

But we can still do much better.

We’re going to start with content Google won’t be able to ignore, then go from there.  We’ll also devote lot’s of effort to on-site usability.

Our content will expand substantially, on and across our network.  We’ll create service pages to scoop up other local digital marketing keywords.  We’ll throw in our two cents with SEO training, tutorials, and opinion pieces.

We’re also going to make some really strong case studies out of client results.

Choose GSP in 2019 and you just may one of them!

Projected Case Studies

Projected Service Pages on Page One in Greensboro

Target Yearly Organic Traffic Increase

Projected Local Citations Posts

Projected SEO & Marketing Videos

Target Yearly Total Website Traffic

Like What You See?

If you have major ambitions for your business, SEO is the way to go.  If you want to maximize ROI through accelerated results, choose a real SEO expert.  We don’t out rank the big agencies in Google by coincidence.  Taste test the difference yourself.

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