Dow Oak Events – Cashing In On An Outstanding Reputation to Dominate Google with Lofty Ambitions

Dow Oak Events is already killing it online.  Exceptional customer experience has lead to a stellar reputation.  In fact, they have one of the best ratings online of any client we’ve ever had.  Moreover, their reviews are real, built through trustworthy platforms.

Project Objectives

Dow Oak Events is already doing well.  They showed up #2 in Google Maps for “wedding dj greensboro nc” and “djs greensboro nc” prior to contacting our marketing company.  Now they’re looking to expand their range of events, services, and locations.  Their ambition makes us an excellent fit.

Improve Organic Rankings to Match Maps Rankings

First things first.  For now, they only rank well in Google Maps search.  We’ll change that quickly.

Expand "Wedding DJ" Rankings Across North Carolina

Wedding DJs in Charlotte and other NC cities better get ready. DOE is coming for market share.

Make a Major Digital Splash For "Photo Booth Rental" & "Uplighting"

Dow Oak provides other event services with SEO value.  We’ll rank them across the full menu.

Project Aspects

Dow Oak Events is doing well on Google and Bing.  Yet, they could be doing a lot more.  DOE should utterly dominate search engines given their positive reviews and overall online brand equity.  We’ve identified a few gaps holding them back.  Now, we’re working hand-in-hand to close them.

Facilitate Website Redesign on WordPress

Dow Oak’s original site was built on Wix. We’re moving them to Divi, WordPress, and WP Engine.

Plan & Supervise Content Expansion Across Multiple Verticals

Erik already does a great job promoting his brand online. We’re happy to put a plan to it.

Execute ASSN, Citations Booster, & Other Footprint Optimization

Dow Oak Events has a decent off-page profile. We’ll bolster it and sew everything together.

Campaign Timeline

2 Years of Good Business

May 2017 – February 2019

Dow Oak Events launched in 2017.

In that time, they’ve built a catalog of over 300 5-star reviews.  They are exactly the type of clients we like to take.

Google can tell when The People love your company.

Search engine algorthms love brands that do good business.  Fighting a negative reputation is like swimming upstream with SEO.  It’s something we choose not to do.

But for businesses Dow Oak Events, we’re more than happy to help Google see they should be number one for everything.

See: Dow Oak Events’ 5.0 on Facebook

See: Dow Oak Events’ 5.0 on Wedding Wire

See: Dow Oak Events’ 4.9 on The Knot "Soft" Relaunch

March 2019 – April 2019 was originally built on WiX.

Erik agreed to switch to WordPress quickly. 

We handled the technical details then coached him through the process of rebuilding his site on WordPress and Divi.

We had him extend some existing content and add a few pages.  But for the most part, we kept the design the same.

More importantly, Dow Oak now has a faster and more secure site.  This benefits users and brings it in line Google (and greater Web) standards.


Basic Footprint Sculpting

May 2019

Dow Oak has found significant success on Wedding Wire and the Knot.

Still, their digital footprint needed a bit of work.  Their social media presence was inconsistent and they only showed up on a handful of the most important citation sources for local SEO.

We cleaned it all up nicely.

For starters, we knocked out our typical Citation Booster and ASSN combo.  From there, we have Erik and his team working on other aspects of their footprint through our Marketing Director in a Box service. Full Relaunch

August 2019

Update Coming Soon.


Project Status

Dow Oak Events is our first “calling our shot” case study.

That is, we’re making public predictions beforehand.  We’re telling everyone what we’re doing before we do it.  Instead of documenting on the backend, we’ll be documenting from the beginning.

This is the first time we’ve done this with an active client.

It’s also our first case study with a consulting client.  Dow Oak needs more direction than execution.  Erik, the owner, is hands on.  He’s already built his brand online by himself.

In many ways, he’s looking to do what we’ve done:

Take Greensboro’s top spot for his main service.  Then, we’ll extend rankings for that service across North Carolina.  Simultaneous, we’ll attack related and add on services until total dominance is established.

(Lucky for Dow Oak, their competition is easier than ours.) 

"DJs in Greensboro NC" Maps Rank

"Wedding DJ" Maps Rank

Total Users from SEO Q2-Q4 2018

"DJs in Greensboro NC" Organic Rank

"Wedding DJ" Organic Rank

Target New Users from SEO Q2-Q4 2019

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