Optimizing SEO Citations for Maximum Local Reach

SEO citations are a cornerstone of modern local marketing.  Create, claim, and correct your business profiles across the Web.  This increases brand recognition and consumer trust.  It is also one of the most powerful factors in local search rankings.  If you want local leads from Google Maps, citations optimization is an absolute must.

The Benefits of Local SEO Citations

Organic local leads are different.

They convert better than any other.  After all, they just searched for what you offer.

Show up when when potential customers are looking for you.  Your sales cycle will be faster, easier, and more successful.

Google Maps Rankings

Tickle the local algorithms just right and reap the rewards.  Take over your market rapidly.

Branding Consistency

Maximize engagement and stick in consumers’ minds with a presence everywhere online.

Qualified Referral Traffic

Many directories are excellent sources of referral traffic.  Beat your competition everywhere.

Citations Stacking

Take advantage of Google’s love affair with “Web 2.0” platforms and reap long-term rewards.

How To Get Your Citations Right

Citations are one of the most tedious tasks in all of SEO.  For maximum power, show up everywhere online.  Better yet, show up everywhere online with a better presence than your competition.  Gain instant credibility with search engines and your potential customers.  It’s a lot of work.  But done right, it offers great ROI for local businesses.

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Perfect Your Local Footprint

Optimized Directory Profiles by Local Marketing Masters 

This is one of our foundational services.

Citations optimization is one of specialties.  We create, claim, and optimize profiles by hand then sprinkle a little ninja SEO on top.

If you want your local marketing to succeed, citation optimization is a must.

We meet your brand where it is and build from there.

Professional Press Kit

Your current business description sucks.  Let us optimize it for branding, SEO, and sales.  Plus, we account for formatting on individual platforms.

Profile Creation & Claims

We work done a list of the most important profiles for your brand and take control over all them.  Where you aren’t already listed, we will add you.

Profile Optimization

We make sure you outshine your competition.  Take full advantage of what each platform has to offer.  Boost topical relevance and user engagement.

Error Correction

Fix the mistakes that are holding you back in local search.  Google will omit your info if they aren’t sure about it.  We make sure all your info is correct.

Duplicate Removal

If you’ve changed locations, contact details, or business names chances are you have local search issues.  Allow us to eliminate your lingering profiles.

Profile Syndication

We make sure Google and other search engines find our changes as soon as possible.  Satisfy the algorithms with targeted, consistent local signals.

Other Off-Page SEO Services Built to Make You More Money

Our citations optimization covers one of the most important pieces of your digital footprint.  It’s designed to integrate perfectly with other services to help you dominate your industry landscape.

Social Media Booster

Lay robust foundations for your digital footprint.  Social media optimization sets an essential building block for your brand image online.  Establish your name in your local market and range of industries.


Social Syndication Web

Reshare your social media media marketing from one or multiple sources.  Interconnect your brand and repost your content on all the Web’s most important sites.  Remove hassle and increase engagement.  The beginnings of total online marketing automation.

Starting at $625

Online Press Campaigns

Earn publicity with newsroom syndication.  Build brand, gain exposure, and increase potential for national SEO rankings.  A new school twist on an old school marketing technique.  Build a reputation like the big brands do, without the big brand budget.

Starting at $625/mo

Modern Marketing Hub

We lay the foundation for cross-channel campaigns with professional analytics and integrated metrics.  This informs your campaigns with great insight.  Use each platform to its fullest and nurture leads of all types through the buying process seamlessly.


Want a Custom Plan?

Our training videos look much like our free SEO audit.  We’ll walk you through what your brand needs to get to the top of Google.  We’re also willing to point out other opportunities we see online.  Remember, we’re multi-disciplined Internet marketing masters.  We aren’t tied to SEO—we’re tied to your ROI.

SEO Experts You Can Trust

Greensboro SEO Pro runs cutting edge online marketing campaigns customized for your business's needs.  Our SEO services are built for long-term partnerships.

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Learn More About SEO

SEO is one of the most complex digital marketing mediums.  Search engines don't wait on anyone.  It's no surprise that search optimization is so widely misunderstood.

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