So everyday this week on the Greensboro SEO Pro Facebook, I highlighted a different YouTube channel any business owner or internet market should be following.

YouTube is now the number 2 search engine in the world, behind their parent company Google.

The significance of this for businesses of all sizes is huge.

But for the “mom and pop shops” who embrace the video medium sooner rather than later, the potential rewards are enormous.

youtube-iconVideo is more likely to 1) get clicked in search results, 2) be consumed in full, and 3) convert.

So if you’re an entrepreneur, you might as well jump on the video train now.

That’s where this list comes in.

These guys are pioneers. They all have their own style, but each can be learned from. Take what fits your brand’s image and replicate that. Or simply take inspiration and come up with your own ideas.

Either way, these channels are a great place to start. Even more so because all of their content is related to search engine optimization, pay per click, website design, email marketing, and everything else in the digital marketing world already.

This way, taking in the information and the way it is presented will both benefit you.

Without further ado, here’s my Top 5 (in a mostly random order):


So I started off the week with Moz because they are one of the best known SEO companies on the planet.

On the Moz Channel you’ll see a lot of cofounder and former CEO, Rand Fishkin. In particular, his Whiteboard Friday discussion videos used to be an SEO staple. And they are still one of the best examples of how a company can connect with their users through video.

Moz LogoWhile Fishkin is definitely one of the biggest names in SEO, in 2015 Moz has been out to prove that they are more than just a one man show. Nowadays, you’ll see other faces and hear different voices. They do a great job of helping and educating their target audience (the internet marketing and entrepreneurial communities), one could forget that they are a software company.

Moz’s true calling card isn’t actually content marketing. They are a software company. They make some of the best search engine marketing tools on the market.

But they effectively use the video medium to provide extra value to their target niche. Creating goodwill like this in the marketplace is a great way to get your prospects to come to you.

Any entrepreneur would do well to follow Moz and take notes!

Gary Vee

Next up, we’ve got Gary Vaynerchuk.Gary Vaynerchuk

“Gary Vee” is one of the biggest names in the digital marketing world. And while he does a great job promoting himself as well as his brands across social media, this list is all about video.

Luckily for us, this is one medium in which Gary really shines. He is able to deliver insightful marketing tips via clips that are almost always funny or entertaining. Fresh and creative are two words that come to mind. Solo acts like his very often seem personal, as you almost begin to consider the person in front of the camera friend.

While Gary runs VaynerMedia and is a prolific voice online, he is not just a digital marketer. He is also known for entrepreneurship, investing, and wine. Gary Vee is definitely one of my heroes.

Be sure to subscribe to his Channel on YouTube!

Business on Tapp

Business on Tapp is an app for entrepreneurs.

Business on TappIt’s a great place to get a little training or pose a question you need answered fast. It’s a great community where business owners connect.

The unique thing about their YouTube Channel is that they keep their videos SHORT: 120 seconds or less. That makes the content very easy to digest. You also know there won’t be any fluff.

Since its a community, you’ll see all sorts of well-known people from all over the business space, including personalities on this list. If you are new or intimidating by video marketing, taking a look at the way Business on Tapp does it, can really go a long way toward showing you that you don’t have to make it difficult.

In fact, you could even take a page out of their book and get all your content from others people in your space, granted you went about it the right way. It goes without saying, taking a look at what they do will help you find that right way.

Update: Business on Tapp is Dead 💀💀💀

Digital Marketer

Ryan Deiss is the man behind Digital marketer

He definitely makes the list of top 10 most influential internet marketers (for the size of his email list if nothing else).

Ryan DeissThis guy definitely has some reach. He and his team put out A TON of internet marketing training and content. They are always on the cutting edge of topics like conversions and engagement. And while the quantity can be a bit overwhelming, the quality is never lacking.

But one thing you will notice when you take a look at Digital Marketer on YouTube is how well organized it is. The way the videos are themed and grouped into playlists really helps 1) create a sense of continuity and 2) the videos show up in search results across the web.

A clever outfit to say the least. Any business could benefit from a few pages out of the Digital Marketer playbook.

MindValley Insights

MindValley Insights LogoAnyone who knows me personally has probably heard about MindValley. They are one of my favorite companies in the world. Their “man with a plan,” Vishen Lakhiani is one of the people I look up to the most.

While Vishen is best known for the world’s largest personal growth and spirituality publisher, MindValley, he is a serial entrepreneur. So it’s only fitting that he birthed MindValley Insights as well. Insights is an entrepreneurial blog with a personal peace and happiness twist to it.

vishen lakhianiWith MindValley Insights you get plenty of great digital marketing and branding advice. But you also get tips on how to be a happy business person. So often, busy entrepreneurs neglect this area. It’s refreshing to see a company take a more holistic look at business success.

The MindValley Insights Channel is nonetheless one of the best places to pick up valuable digital marketing strategies and tips. And they are another one that does an excellent job organizing their content for users and search.

Update: Business on Tapp is Dead 💀💀💀 But Has Some Valuable Content


So there is one more YouTube Channel you should know is worth subscribing to.

The Greensboro SEO Pro Channel is going to grow into a great place to find all sorts of digital marketing nuggets. Expect some SEO explainer videos first, but the content will morph into a collection touching on all of the different digital marketing mediums.

Like the other companies on this list, this free and informative content will be meant to ‘pay it forward’ to potential clients and other internet marketing companies and personalities. If you can’t tell yet, I’m all about the business of the future. It’s about time for the mom and pop shops to medium-sized businesses to become the focus of our economy once again.

Greensboro SEO Pro for FB

The Internet is making it increasingly easy (and important) for grassroots businesses to connect to their prospects in intimate and varied ways. If you fit that description, you’re better off starting to ride this wave early, because it is going to continue to churn across the digital landscape.

Did I leave someone out that deserves to be in the top 5? I’d love to find a new channel or two with great information or a unique approach. Please comment your favorite YouTube brands below!




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