SEO Audits That Help You Make ROI-Positive Decisions

Everyone knows they need a digital marketing plan.  Yet too many rush in.  The “shotgun approach” to marketing can cause collateral damage.  It’s more effective to be a sniper.  And every good sniper needs a spotter.  That’s where our SEO audits come in.  Our recon helps you prioritize and pick off the highest-ROI marketing objectives at will.

The Benefits of a Digital Marketing Deep Dive

Digital marketing done right is powerful.

Digital marketing done wrong is a dumpster fire.  Get it right with Greensboro SEO Pro.

If you want results, you need smart marketing.  Don’t start with whatever is trendy.  Start with what works.

Intelligent Strategy

You need marketing objectives that match your business model.  This is where that begins.

Competitive Context

SEO is simply a game of “prove it” to Google.  Map your industry to know what you must prove.

Consumer Clarity

We identify who your customers are and how they shop for your product or services online.

Order of Operations

Search engine optimization has a wide scope.  In-depth audits help you layer priorities correctly.

How To Get SEO Analysis Right

The Internet marketing landscape is massive—and it never stops shifting.  Smart marketing provides the radar you to need to navigate the terrain.  This helps you avoid the quicksand and find the goldmines.  In SEO, you only have to beat your competition.  We identify both the lowest-hanging fruit and highest-ROI tactics for your industry.

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What Is An “SEO Expert,” Really?

What Is An “SEO Expert,” Really?

A search engine optimization expert is a somewhat ironic title. SEO is an enormous topic.  No one man or woman could ever know everything about search marketing.  It touches too many other digital marketing disciplines. In my view, a true "SEO expert" would also need...

Professional SEO Audits

Professional SEO Audits That Prioritize Your Bottomline

SEO is complicated.  We try to make it as simple as possible.

We look at your competition, then beat them.  We do so by creating better content and promoting it more effectively.

We always start with an audit because good SEO is built on market intelligence.

We meet your brand where it is and dig in from there.

Deep Discovery

We want to know your business inside and out.  The more information you give us, the more relevant our recommendations.  Read as: “More revenue.”

Cross-Channel Analysis

We audit both mainstream and niche marketing channels in your industry to find the path of maximum impact.  Reveal wasted efforts and blindspots.

Comprehensive Reporting

We create reports that makes your data easy to understand.  This allows you to leverage the power of complex analytics without technical expertise.

Layman's Explanations

To most people, Internet marketing jargon sounds like a foreign language.  Plus, the scope is huge.  We simplify things so you can make decisions.

Ongoing Education

An educated client is always our best client.  As the marketing landscape shifts, there is often room for opportunity and new obstacles that pop up.

Other Campaign Building & Smart Marketing Services

Our SEO audits contribute to the blueprints of high-ROI campaigns, large and small.  They are one of the pieces of the digital marketing puzzle that help us put all of the others in the right place.

Marketing Roadmaps

Step-by-step guides and proven frameworks.  We create strategic gameplans that are both repeatable and customizable.  You can also gain access to our internal training and project management systems.

Starting at $625

Modern Marketing Hub

We lay the foundation for cross-channel campaigns with professional analytics and integrated metrics.  This informs your campaigns with great insight.  Use each platform to its fullest and nurture leads of all types through the buying process seamlessly.


Advanced Analytics

Make the best marketing decisions possible.  Collect historical data on your users.  Figure out where they come from and what they do on your site.  Map the customer journey to increase sales.  Find the insights that empower sustainable marketing results.

Starting at $625

Marketing Director in a Box

Educating our customers is what we do best.  In fact, we are full supporters of DIY SEO.  For those brave souls willing to tackle the challenge, we can take you by the hand and help you cut a path across the digital marketing jungle.  For business owners and teams.

Starting at $625/mo

Want a Custom Plan?

Our training videos look much like our free SEO audit.  We’ll walk you through what your brand needs to get to the top of Google.  We’re also willing to point out other opportunities we see online.  Remember, we’re multi-disciplined Internet marketing masters.  We aren’t tied SEO—we’re tied to your ROI.

SEO Experts You Can Trust

Greensboro SEO Pro runs cutting edge online marketing campaigns customized for your business's needs.  Our SEO services are built for long-term partnerships.

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Learn More About SEO

SEO is one of the most complex digital marketing mediums.  Search engines don't wait on anyone.  It's no surprise that search optimization is so widely misunderstood.

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