The Clifford W. Estes Company – The Leaders in Color Since 1847 Get an SEO Campaign Worthy of Their Name

Estes is a name most people have heard of.  There are several different “Estes companies” out there.  The Clifford W. Estes Company is perhaps the oldest of the bunch.  They are national leaders in several different aggregate industries, including flooring and pool finishes, aquarium gravel, and art sand.

Project Objectives

From the beginning, it was obvious that Estes should perform in Google better than they did.  They are the most recognizable aquarium gravel brand in the United States.  People search for their products everyday.  Their industrial products have a stellar reputation as well.

Get to the First Page of Google for Industrial Aggregates

This is why Estes came to us.  There are six and seven figure clients at stake for them.

Expand Search Engine Reach Further for Aquarium Aggregates

Starting out, they performed well for branded terms.  Now we want to dominate “aquarium gravel.”

Improve Lead Generation Systems Across

The original did let to facilitate the sales process or encourage leads to contact.

Project Aspects

When they came to us, their site had several obvious issues.  Google loves to show brands like Estes at the top of search engines.  In this case, several things about the original layout were holding them back.  Plus, their off-page footprint was sparse and disjointed.

Create Modern Website Built for SEO & Conversions

Their original site looked great.  But like everywhere else online, users demand evolution.

Enhance Messaging to Appeal to Ideal Target Audience

Estes is a manufacturer.  Yet their original site catered largely to consumers.  We changed that.

Create Basic Off Page Footprint to Build Trust on Google

Especially given other companies using the name Estes, some footprint sculpting is necessary.

Campaign Timeline

Major Market Research

June 2019

Estes is a national brand covering multiple industries.

Few businesses have a model like theirs.  Few have the range of competition they do.  Before jumping in, it was crucial to map these things out.

We started with staff interviews instead of keyword research.  We spent even more time than usual learning about their products—past, present, and future.

It wasn’t long before we discovered we couldn’t trust the information on their original website.  The original had discontinue products, incorrect specs for current products, and spoke to the wrong audience.

The Clifford W. Estes Company is a unique company in need of unique SEO and overall marketing strategy.

So that’s what we gave them.

Website Redesign

June 2019

We relaunched at the end of June.

This is how Google responded:

It was a major improvement over the original.

More pages.  Better pages.  More words.  Better words.  More images.  Better images.  Their old site was decent.  But we took things to a-whole-nother level.

The algorithms responded in kind.

Their website went from beyond the tenth page of Google to the second or third page for many of their keywords.

In essence, we took them from not in the conversation to on the verge of the first page for 100s of keywords.

Looking at their new website, it’s easy to see why.

Moreover, this one looks destined to continue “Google Dancing” it’s way on up.

Check out the new

Basic Footprint Optimization

August 2019

Any national brand needs a consistent presence online.

For Estes, it’s an even bigger deal.  Their products are sold across the nation by large stores and mom and pop pet shops.  You can also find their products on Amazon and other online retailers.

It’s vital that search engines can tell who is the “official” Estes.  That’s what this one’s about.

Authority Content Creation

July – September 2019

Estes has a unique competitor-partnership landscape.

They have some direct competitors, yes.  But in terms of search engine real estate, they also compete against many of their partners and clients.  On the way to dominate Google, Estes will surpass both friend and foe.

We’ll do so by creating the best content in the space.

This will create instant authority.

Hopefully, this can provide some leverage in their various businesses relationships.  We’ve seen this work for multiple clients—and ourselves.

Project Status

Estes’ website relaunch has been a success.

Their exposure across search engines more than quadrupled within a matter of days and their traffic is steadily climbing.

From here though, we have quite a ways to go.  There is the requisite period of waiting until the full effects of the redesign kick in. 

But that doesn’t mean we’re waiting.

Now it’s time to build both “trust” and “authority” for Estes.

We’ll make sure search engines can trust the Estes brand online with some basic digital footprinting.  A lot of people sell their products online.  We’ll make sure Google knows their official channels.

After that, we will build their authority across the pool and flooring aggregate industry.  The goal is to help them show up not only for their products but FAQs their customers may have online.

Estes has built a multi-million dollar business largely through word of mouth.  In 2019 though, they realize the value of showing up when new customers might be searching for them on Google.

Decisions like this are why they’ve lasted over 150 years and may last another 150.

Are you in it for the long term?

Let’s talk about your SEO today!

Average Weekly Users From SEO Q2 2019

Projected Weekly Users From SEO Q3 2019


Tracked Website Interactions Pre GSP


Tracked Website Interactions Now

Daily Organic Impressions Pre Redesign

Daily Organic Impressions Post Redesign

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