AnyTime Bail Bonds NC – Getting Greensboro’s Best Bail Bondsman to the First Page of Google.

Anytime Bail Bonds is only a few months older than Greensboro SEO Pro.  It’s owned and operated by Aida Ortega, the mother of one of Zach’s childhood friends.  For our first few years, we actually hosted their site for free.  In 2018 though, they decided to invest in SEO.

Project Objectives

Looking at the competition, it should be easy to get Anytime into the top three for “Greensboro Bail Bonds,” “Bail Bondsman in Greensboro NC,” and similar.  So our only real objective is to dominate and do so as quickly as possible.  We’ve had our eye on this case study from day one.

Get Anytime to Page 1 of Google for "Greensboro Bail Bonds" & Similar

With hundreds of monthly searches, this could increase income by over $10,000/mo.

Create Authentic Brand Capable of Generating Organic Reach

Starting with a “blank slate,” we can create a real brand with national potential.

Lay Foundations for Anytime to Take Over Search Engines Statewide

We’re going to test Google across the entire state.  This could offer Anytime tremendous opportunity.

Project Aspects

When we started this project, Anytime had nothing going for it online.  Projects like this can be a bit tricky.  It’s crucial that we lay a foundation that screams “legitimate business” to search engines.  Trust is extremely important for search optimization in this industry.

Create Original Logo, Press Kit, and Other Branding Media

Starting with a “blank slate,” we have the opportunity to create a brand with national potential.

Create Modern Website, Built for SEO and Conversions

Our goal here is simply to blow the competition out of the water.  It shouldn’t be too hard.

Create Strong Off Page Footprint to Build Authority

We know what Google wants to see from new brands.  We’ll start by building a basic footprint.

Campaign Timeline

Launched New Website

February 2018

We literally built the prettiest bail bonds website we could find.

It wasn’t that difficult.  Most bail bondsman run really bad online campaigns.  We could still do a lot more.  We intent to in the future.

At this point though, waiting was the smartest next step.


Local Citations Waiting Period

March 2018 – August 2018

A local citations cleanup was crucial to Anytime’s campaign.

You need a business address for this.  Anytime was patient and found the right office.  But this delayed our cleanup.  Google Maps is crucial to the bail bonds industry.  As such, search engines limited their exposure.

They still had a few good months, with Google reporting over 30 calls in both March and June 2018.

Citations First Touch Part 1

September – October 2018

Anytime got their address in September 2018.

We immediately changed it on the website and their social profiles.  Google immediately responded by sending them 68 calls in September.

In October, we completed the first part of our citations build out.  Due to the delays, we had to schedule the second half for January 2019.

Still, strong results:

Google Reported Calls Q4 2018: 153

Citations First Touch Part 2

January 2019

To this point, we’d done citations how most SEO agencies do them.

But the way we do them is much more in-depth—thus much more powerful.  It’s a 100+ hour process that takes some scheduling.  We’ll also use Anytime as an example for citations training.

Once we’re done, we expect another strong jump toward the top 3.

Trending Upward

January – March 2019

Calls from Google search nearly doubled Q4 2018 to Q1. 

There’s still work to do, as AnyTime is only up to number 3 in Google Maps.  And they are still climbing the “organic” rankings, fluctuating from number 5 to number 12 on any given day.

It’s clear they are on the way to the top for all their keywords.

In the meantime, they aren’t doing too bad. 📞📈😁

Project Status

We’re moving into our second year with Anytime.

The new website has been live for a while now.

It took them awhile to work out their business address.  This put some of our campaigns on hold.  Now, that’s over.

And the results are already pouring in!

Bail bonds is one of the best industries for SEO, especially since Google removed ads on bail bonds search results.  There are only two ways you find a bail bondsman: the phone book or Google.  Phone books are soon to be extinct.

Moving forward, we’ll look to help them take the top spots in Greensboro and hit the first page across the entire state.

Do your customers shop your industry on Google?

If so, we can probably do the same for you.

Google Reported Calls Q1 2019

Google Reported Calls for Q4 2018

Google Reported Calls for 2018

"Bail Bondsman Greensboro NC" Maps Rank

Estimated Revenue Year One

Projected Revenue Year Two

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