Earning Press Coverage That Drives Business Results

Press releases are often forgotten in the Age of the Internet.  Yet they hold unknown potential.  They are one of the most consistent brand building strategies around.  Plus, the right press release could lead to a “viral pop.”  Strong press campaigns allow you to capitalize on trends and shape your industry.  This adds power to everything else you do.

The Benefits of Well-Done Press Campaigns

Press campaigns build brand names.

Generate real-world buzz for your business and boost SEO at the same time.

Increase brand recognition and reputation.  Prove authority in your industry.  And stick in your customers’ minds.

National Exposure

Garner attention and awareness.  Leverage the news cycle to make a name for yourself in your niche.

Brand Legitimizer

Proliferate your message and increase consumer trust.  Make sure everyone has heard of you.

Organic Referrals

Get supercharged natural links that bring direct traffic and boost search rankings simultaneously.

Press Release Stacking

Tickle Google’s algorithms the “white hat” way.  Steer link juice to your most powerful assets.

How To Get Press Campaigns Right

Despite the ever-evolving nature of the digital marketing landscape, some “old school” tactics still hold their value.  Press releases are one of those.  They help you gain dominance across your industry.  They make your name more memorable.  They increase customer confidence.  And they help you become the brand everyone else wants to partner with.

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Professional Press Campaigns

Lay the Foundations to Becoming a Household Name

This is one of our most powerful link building services.

Press allows you to broadcast your narrative.  Not only does this help customers remember you, it encourages your industry to view you as an authority.

This is one of the best ways to build brand equity online.

We target the highest-impact opportunities and go from there.

Brand Voice Development

Don’t over look your brand voice.  It is one of those small things that make a big difference.  We develop professional style guides customized for you.

Press Campaign Ideation

Maybe you don’t know it yet, but your business is newsworthy.  We supply the skill needed to highlight your brand developments in an engaging way.

Press Release Writing

Writing is one of the things we do best.  Once the objective is set, you can trust us to take it and run.  We create content that drives your bottomline.

Press Relationship Development

Supply news outlets with good stories consistently and they begin to rely on you.  We connect them with scoops they want—but we work for you.

Press Release Syndication

Your press releases go out to 100s of publications across the U.S.  From there, they get picked up and reshared on Google News and elsewhere.

Other Footprint Sculpting Services That Drive Traffic

Our press release services build on our other link building and branding services.  Our Press Booster series represents but one piece in integrated marketing puzzle.

Social Media Booster

Lay robust foundations for your digital footprint.  Social media optimization sets an essential building block for your brand image online.  Establish your name in your local market and range of industries.


Citations Booster

The most legitimate brands make sure their business information is correct and consistent online.  After all, users hate incorrect business information.  Thus, Google does too.  We take control of your online directory listings and optimize them for local SEO.

Starting at $1875

Backlink Outreach

Building backlinks is an art.  Doing it the right way is something like the “art of online networking.”  As such, local backlink campaigns often produce real-world opportunities for better industry relationships.  This can augment all other marketing channels.

Starting at $625/mo

Full Branding Kit

Create a brand they remember.  A logo that sticks out, taglines they can’t forget, and press collateral with “wow” factor.  They can’t buy from you if they don’t remember you.  That’s why the right branding increases the impact of everything else you do.

Starting at $625

Want a Custom Plan?

Our training videos look much like our free SEO audit.  We’ll walk you through what your brand needs to get to the top of Google.  We’re also willing to point out other opportunities we see online.  Remember, we’re multi-disciplined Internet marketing masters.  We aren’t tied SEO—we’re tied to your ROI.

SEO Experts You Can Trust

Greensboro SEO Pro runs cutting edge online marketing campaigns customized for your business's needs.  Our SEO services are built for long-term partnerships.

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Learn More About SEO

SEO is one of the most complex digital marketing mediums.  Search engines don't wait on anyone.  It's no surprise that search optimization is so widely misunderstood.

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